Warriors Path Systema Team Building and Corporate Training Programs

Our corporate training sessions are creative and entertaining. The emphasis is on experiential learning in a supportive, positive and stimulating environment.

The benefits of Warriors Path training:

      • Development of self-knowledge and self-management skills

      • Cultivate team building and team work

      • Practice structured decision making under pressure

      • Stimulates creative thinking and problem solving

      • Stress management skills

      • Maximise resourcefulness

      • Enhanced communication

Summary of current programs & workshops

      • Systema Breath Work

      • Systema Fundamentals for Health and Vitality

      • Systema Form and Movement

      • Systema Self Protection

Our background and experience...

To date we have run events and delivered successful outcomes to a broad portfolio of clients. Our clients not only span a wide range of industry sectors but also have different cultures and specific needs and criteria.


We regularly provide our services to:

Corporate Teambuilding • Pro-Sports Skills Enhancement • PDHPE • Workshops • Seminars

Staff Sustainability • Resilience • Effectiveness • Stress Management • Inter-personal Communication

Warriors Path programs, workshops & seminars

Employees and team members will learn a range of effective self-awareness, self-management and personal performance strategies. The practice of Systema alleviates stress, promotes balance, and rejuvenates the body and psyche. Following the core principals of Systema will also leave you feeling energised and assists you in maintaining a more balanced and sustainable way of being.

For centuries people have used Systema to develop the skills and cognitive ability needed to deal with difficult, high-pressure situations and heightened emotional states. Systema empowers us to intuitively act with skill and precision in order to achieve the best possible outcome. It is one of the most effective and natural ways to achieve good health, both physically and emotionally, while learning the principals of practical self-defence.

If your employees enjoy a challenge, this dynamic, holistic martial art is ideal

The sessions are always fun and interactive and help employees discover simple, yet effective ways of dealing with obstacles, conflict and stressful situations. Systema has been used by military organisations to enhance self-knowledge, mindfulness and environmental awareness and improve co-ordination, emotional intelligence, psychological and physical health.

"Systema is the ideal operating system for both body and mind"

     • PDHPE groups / Highschool sports teams

     • Need specific Workshops and Seminars

     • Special interest groups / Summer camps / Training camps

     • Corporate groups

     • Professional sports teams

     • Government departments