Systema (The System) is a complete system of being, breathing, survival and martial skills. The System is more than just an effective Martial Art and wellness method, the System is “the perfect human operating system”.


The practice of Systema anneals the body, strengthens the psyche and provides us with practical and sustainable methods for being our better selves, expressing our talents and performing to our fullest potential.

"Our body is a machine for living. It is organised for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyse it by encumbering it with remedies."

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

SYSTEMA : High Performance Living  

A way of life, health, well being and self-defence


Systema cultivates resilience and personal growth. The practice of Systema anneals the body, strengthens the psyche and provides us with methods for dealing with situations that we might otherwise find stressful or overwhelming

'Systema', or 'The System' is a method of learning which engages the body and mind to enhance a persons ability in all aspects of life.

• Enjoy optimal health, vitality and wellbeing

• Advance in self-mastery and emotional management

• Feel deep relaxation and enjoy healthier sleep patterns

• Relieve yourself of stress and anxiety

• Sharpen your mind, mental clarity, focus and acuity

• Stronger muscles and connective tissues

• Feel safer through heightened situational awareness

• Gain practical, effective self-defence and close combat skills.

Train with Internationaly Recognised and Respected Masters: Maxim Franz 2016

Holistic and Healthy Martial Arts Training:  Aslan Guseynov 2016

International Semier with Master Valentin Talanov. November 2016

Holistic and Healthy Martial Arts Training

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" As someone with no previous martial arts experience, I did my research on several martial arts before I found Systema. To me, it is a martial art in name only. Different aspects such as reducing tension through breathing, correct posture, total relaxation as well as practical self defense principles, convinced me that Systema was the way right choice.

Systema is for people with no egos or arrogance. The classes are friendly, encouraging and relaxed. It is a martial art for everyone, young or old, tall or short, solid or skinny. In fact, my partner has discovered that Systema is also quite beneficial for women who want to learn how to protect themselves.

I would recommend Systema to anyone who wants to improve themselves physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Having trained with Kalvin before, I must say that his knowledge and experience are incredible and his relaxed and friendly attitude makes training very enjoyable."

Ben / Systema student

" The only fight worth winning is the one within... The Warrior's Path's Systema has brought me so much not only in terms of skills and physical awareness but also in terms of mental and psychological wellbeing. Kalvin has put together a group of Systema practitioners to his image. With heart, awareness, openness and compassion....

This is something more that learning how to fight, you will learn how to confront the beast within you and how to come out stronger and more confident than ever. All in a safe and supporting environment.

It's all worth it...."

Yann / Systema student

As I've never done breath work before I was a bit skeptical about it's applications, benefits and practices.

After 3 sessions with Kalvin, I found that benefits and applications are literally limitless and that breath work is so essential that in my opinion should be taughts in school.

I got a easily bored from repetitive gym like exercise of up and done kind of style,  however Kalvin kept me interested with various drills, some where I can feel the results of my training by the intensity of my heart beat.

To summarize, I am grateful to have first touch to a breath work with some one as experienced and knowledgeable as Kalvin.

And now believe it or not breath work exercises are part of my daily routine.


Aleks : )

Alex / Systema Breathwork student

Private 1-on-1 Traing Sessions

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Systema Combat: High Intensity Fight Training

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Last week I attended my first Systema class in Sydney run by Kalvin Smith. It was an inspiring, humbling and just amazingly fun 2 hours spent learning and practicing movements, exercises and drills that were totally new to me. I learned something about myself and about those I was there with. Now, 5 days later I am still in an 'altered' state. Meaning I am more aware of my breathing, of my posture, I noticed when I'm tense and use breathing and movement to try and relax. It feels good!

Max DeLacy / CEO of Spartan Race Australia